Ph.D. Candidate

EECS Dept., Syracuse Univ.

  • Sep. 2019: One paper was accepted by SIGKDD Explorations. [PDF]

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About Me

Currently, I'm a 3rd-year Ph.D. candidate in Data Lab at Syracuse UniversityMy advisor is Dr. Reza Zafarani


My research interests span Social Media Mining, Machine Learning and Social Computing with an emphasis on Fake News Detection and Intervention.


To know more about fake news, welcome to read our recent work: 

Fake News: A Survey of Research, Detection Methods, and Opportunities. 

Xinyi Zhou and Reza Zafarani. arXiv:1812.00315, 2018.

or see our recent tutorials given in WSDM'19 / KDD'19.

To be specific, I'm currently working on interdisciplinary research to achieve automatic, efficient and explainable fake news detection and intervention. For this goal, we aim to combine techniques in e.g., Data/Graph Mining, Machine Learning, NLP and IR with fundamental theories in e.g., Psychology, Social Science, Political Science and Economy.

If you know any related well-established theories in these non-CS disciplines / If you are interested and looking forward to collaboration opportunities / If you have any comments and suggestions on our work / etc., please feel free to contact us!

Last updated on 9/22/2019

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